📷ColorChallenge – ThursdayGreen – Medieval Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi, Georgia. 格鲁吉亚的中世纪绿顶教堂

Bagrati Cathedral is a masterpiece in the history of medieval Georgian architecture. Its green top slightly coated with snow, making it look so sacred. This green top is newly added during the reconstruction. Many people think it lost its original look, but I love this shade of green. It matches with the cathedral especially with the setting of a snowy day.


View is breathtaking from the top of the hill. I was totally amaze to see magnificent views of the gigantic snow-capped Caucasus before me. The whole city was covered in white snow, Kutaisi is not big but has many lovely Orthodox churches. With the background of Caucasus mountains, the city looks like a fairy tale setting.


(photo taken by my iPhone)