Beautiful Sunday in Lille

This weekend is Braderie de Lille, the city is packed! I’ve never been to Lille before, even though Lille is quite close to Belgium, it’s my first time to come here, because I though it would probably similar like any Walloon cities in Belgium, which isn’t really the case, it’s still more French (of course :D)

Look at those windows, we don’t have many windows like this in Belgium.

In Lille, there are two major stations: Lille Europe and Lille Flandres, like its name indicates, Lille Flandres station connects trains from Belgium. From border cities you can get pretty cheap train ticket to Lille, from Kortrijk it only takes 30+ minutes to reach here.

Street during the braderie, I’ll post more pictures when I get back home 😀

I think it’s quite a lovely city. Happy I came visit it, finally.

Have a good Sunday, Steemians!