Christmas tree turned into a Carousel

This year we celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the Christmas market in town by setting up a cute Christmas tree and a big wheel in Ladeuzeplein, a square that features the university library of KU Leuven. This year I wouldn’t be in Belgium for Christmas, I decided to go take a look before I head on my vacation.


Passing by the Saturday flea market close to the train station.


The Christmas tree shaped Merry-go-round and the big wheel is new this year. I love how the colors combined together. I love this Christmas tree especially, it’s so cute. It seems more popular than the wheel maybe because right now it’s around 0 degree and windy, too cold to have a ride on the wheel. XD


The Chouffe Coffee I mentioned the other day. You can get it here too.


Gluhwein is probably the most common and important drink in the whole Christmas market. If you like Christmas markets, you must be familiar with this wine-based warm drink, made along with various spices.


Belgium is a chocolate country 😀 My favorite chocolate bar in town gets their own stall here too. You can have chocolate milk with different kinds of chocolate, and brownies here.


So guess what I am drinking? Gluhwein or chocolate milk?


Get a candle here for one euro, to donate to the charity.


I guess this year is cold enough to set up the Ice skating rink too.


Thanks for your time 😀 I hope you enjoyed the Christmas market.