SundayPurple – Romantic purple castle wedding in Budapest 布达佩斯浪漫的紫色城堡婚礼

I went to Budapest for an old friend’s wedding. It was totally romantic. I always think purple is the best color for the wedding setting. There is something mysterious about the color, but at the same time enchanting, classic and warm.

The wedding took place in a famous wedding venue in Budapest – Vajdahunyad Castle. It was built in 1896 and looks like a fairytale castle. We had the dinner in Hungarian Agricultural Museum. The gothic building was really spectacular from outside and inside. I never knew you can actually have a dinner in one of the most beautiful old buildings in Budapest. The whole area, dream castle, old buildings, nice lake, green places……together makes a fantastic setting for a wedding.


婚礼在沃伊达奇城堡举行,城堡坐落在布达佩斯市区一个有很多绿色的区域 ,它建于1896年,看上去就好像童话中的城堡。我们在匈牙利的农业博物馆里吃晚宴。博物馆本身是一座典型的哥特式建筑。不管是他的外观还是内部都是典型的欧式风格。我从来不知道居然还可以把农业博物馆这样的布达佩斯数一数二美丽的历史建筑作为晚宴的地点。婚礼的整个布置,从仪式进行的巴洛克花园,到进行晚宴的哥特式建筑,绿地,教堂,加上湖的点缀,真是一场梦寐以求的婚礼。