Sunny day in Barcelona: Bunker del Carmel + Barceloneta Beach 巴塞罗那的阳光和海岸

Have you ever heard a story of that this guy who commutes from Barcelona to London for work? Now I truly understand him. It’s already quite cold now in Belgium, I feel like I just extended the summer in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a great city to spend your holiday. You can admire various examples of Gaudi’s work, the most famous being the Sagrada Familia Basilica and Park Güell. Besides that, there are 4.2 km of sandy beaches only 10 minutes from Barcelona city center.

To get a view of Barcelona city, we went to Bunker del Carmel where you can get a fantastic 360 view of Barcelona city. Friend told me it was her and many local people’s favorite view point in Barcelona.



去每个有高点的城市,我都喜欢去看整个城市的全貌,朋友带我去了Bunker del Carmel,看到巴塞罗那市的360度美景。朋友告诉我,这是她和许多当地人最喜欢的巴塞罗那观景点。

The bunkers are basically a pre-Spanish Civil War anti-aircraft battery site. It was used as an anti aircraft bunkers in the 1930s and later as a shanty town until the 1990s. Nowadays the spot is extremely popular among local youngsters. When we went there, there were many local young kids sitting in group, probably smoking weeds (which has been decriminalized now in Spain).

The view was stunning, many famous sites and beaches in the city can be easily spotted. The day we went wasn’t the best day but still the view wasn’t bad. If you ever come to Barcelona, don’t miss this wonderful vantage point. You can hike here or take a taxi or bus. Remember to bring some drinks and snacks. The best time to come is during the sunset.

Bunkers是西班牙之前的内战用的防空电池站。 二十世纪三十年代被用作反飞机掩体,后来被遗弃成为棚户区,直到上世纪90年代。 现在这里成了当地的青少年喜欢来玩的地方。 当我们去那里时,有很多当地的青少年在这里集聚,约会或者聚会。

我们去的那一天,天气并不是最晴朗,不然可以更清晰的看到圣家堂和远处的海滩。 如果你来巴塞罗那,不要错过这个观景点。 可以徒步来这里或坐出租车或公车。 记得带点饮料和小吃。 如果天气好,来这里看日落很不错。

On the way to the beaches, we passed by the Port Vell, the main harbor in Barcelona.


I’ve found some interesting sculptures, especially this smiling shrimp one. A big strange lobster or shrimp with a smiling face.


It’s not uncommon to see clothes hanging out to dry in the narrow balconies in South European countries. On the way to Barceloneta beach, I passed a street full of washing lines.


Barceloneta beach seemed clean and comfy, with toilets and showers. Although it’s still summer here, it was not that crowded as in July or August. The minus point might be the market is too far, you can’t get a cold cola except those from the vendors, which according to the locals you should avoid, as they are kept in the sewer during night time.

I still liked it since it’s literally located in the city center. It was great to spend a couple of hours there.

巴塞罗那海滩干净而舒适,有厕所和淋浴。 虽然这里仍然是夏天,但不像七月或八月那样,挤满游客。 唯一的缺点可能是便利店很少,市场又太远,忘了多买几瓶冰可乐。我还是喜欢这里的,因为离市中心真近。