Tuesday Orange – Throwback to Switzerland autumn days

I regret the whole day that I didn’t get the ticket to Krakow a bit earlier, after seeing fellow Steemians are already having a lot of fun! Instead, I’m spending the whole day packing, packing is still so difficult especially you try to squeeze everything in a backpack, even though I travel quite often. 

I hope Ryanair flies tomorrow, I decided to take Ryanair because they are super cheap, their baggage rules are horrible and keep changing but it’s OK for me. It’s bear market, better save some money. 

Actually I’m quite confident, during my 6.5 years in Europe, I’ve flew so many times (can be more than 50 times I thinks) with them, only 3 or 4 times they delayed to an extend I can’t stand. haha

Meanwhile, here are some autumn Switzerland pictures from last year lol, it’s throwback, I’m not in Switzerland at the moment.

These are throwback pictures, I miss Switzerland 😀

See you guys in Krakow, I’m flying in tomorrow morning!