BBQ in the garden with a new-born friend


Two month ago I was at the baby shower of this little friend. Today I finally met him for the first time. Me and some friends were having a great afternoon in the garden. We were chatting, joking, eating, drinking, like always. But today it’s special, this little friend was joining us and it was the first time I introduced Steemit to these friends. Continue reading BBQ in the garden with a new-born friend



今天我要带你们去看看世界上最大的啤酒厂 – AB InBev的前身。ABInBev集团在全球30多个国家拥有工厂,Stella Artois是该集团最有名也是销量最高的比利时国民啤酒。酿造厂De Hoorn建立于1923年,在这之后的几十年,Stella啤酒就是在这里无数次被酿造。
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