I went Cat-sitting for this baby cat, Oliver. 照看可爱的小猫

The other day I went cat-sitting for a baby cat. When I lived in China, my aunt ran a pet beauty shop, which made me fall in love with all kinds of cute pets. When I had free time, I would go to aunt’s, playing with them. I think maybe you heard about some bad news about China and dogs. In fact most of us also hate the tradition in some areas in Asia where they celebrate this dog-eating festivals. My aunt goes there every year to Yulin, Guangxi province to save those poor dogs. That’s the only thing we couldn’t do.

Then afterwards I took care of one of her Golden Retriever pet for a while. I called him the King. I haven’t had any pets ever since I moved to Belgium. The main reason is I plan to travel a lot these few years. Yet I miss the days hanging out with them and would like to have one in the future.

Friends of mine got lovely a kitty, so sometimes I went cat-sitting for them when they went for a short trip.



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Join me on a walking tour through Dublin city. 跟我去都柏林走走

Last night I arrived in Dublin city. It was colder and windier than I thought. I often complained about the Belgian summer, until now I see the Irish summer. But luckily it’s sunny today, still cold though, at around 17 degrees celsius. I wandered around the city center and also joined a walking tour. If you know the Dublin’s great official city tourism website VISITDUBLIN, you can for sure feel how much effort the city put on its city tourism. In the city, there’re many walking tours, much more than any other city I’ve visited.


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How you can enjoy a rainy day in Dublin. 雨下再大又怎样,干脆开心的淋一场

I read some comments left from Irish Steemians on my last post and realized how lucky I was yesterday. As you can see, today it was cloudy and later rainy. Still, I went to the city for a walk. There’re always something to do even on a bad day.


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‘Once’ in Dublin 《曾经》在都柏林

Have you ever seen the movie titled Once? This low budget modern-day musical was shot in only 17 days, on the streets of Dublin. ONCE is one of my favorite movies and is one of the main reason why I wanted to visit Dublin city. It’s such a beautiful movie, especially the ending. During my trip in Dublin, I try to find some movie scenes in real life. Here’s a song from its soundtrack, in case you haven’t seen the movie yet.

你们有没看过有部爱尔兰电影叫做《曾经》?这部只花了17天拍完,长度仅有一个半小时的电影更像一个长篇的音乐剧。当年这部电影的原声带以黑马姿态拿下了奥斯卡的最佳音乐奖。我一直很喜欢这部美好感人的小电影。也一直记得了拍摄电影的都柏林这个城市。这次来都柏林,我特地抽空去电影拍摄的几个场景走了走。如果你还没看过这部电影,先来停听听这首贯穿始终的《Falling Slowly》吧。

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