Choosing a cake for friend’s birthday

Today is the birthday of a friend’s, went to a popular patisserie in town for a cake 😀

Cheecake for tasting, hmmmm, I think I like the Japanese sponge cheese cake better than this one, too creamy for me :p

Here are a lot of different cakes. What’s your favourite cake?

They also sell some organic ciders, like nowadays a lot of bakery and patisseries do.

OK, guess which cake I got?

How I edit videos and thumbnails on an iPhone easily!

Hey there, maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve been making quite a few videos in the past months. I edit videos on Premiere on the PC, but when I’m travelling, most of the time I don’t bring my laptop, luckily you can do basically everything with phone nowadays.

Today I’d like to share some of my favourite video editing apps with you!  

Here is the quick view of the video editing apps I normally use. 
  • iMovie is iPhone’s built-in editing app, it’s pretty easy to use, not bad at all. 
  • Vizzywig4K is a nearly professional editing app, it has a lot of functions, even including  Multicamera Recording. But I mainly use it for adding intro and outro. It is expensive in app store but I got the free version 😀
  • ReverseVid allows you to edit your video to reversed one, it was fun to use sometimes.
  • VivaVideo Pro has many themes, but most of them are with some fixed text, I find them difficult to fit some of my videos. After a while I was bored of those effects and themes, but they have a rather extensive bg music, that’s why I’m still keep it on the phone and use it regularly.
  • Filmic Pro: I love this one! I’ve even wrote a quick review of it a few months ago. iPhone does have a OK camera for a smartphone, it works pretty well except you can’t adjust the focus and exposure at the same time. With FiLMiC Pro you could easily archive this.

Video editing apps done, now let’s talk about thumbnails, which is quite important for a vlogger to draw attention of potential audience!

For both DTube and DLive, there’s some restrictions on the size of the thumbnail (I think 1 mb?). So we need to edit it because sometimes the photo we took are too large!

I’m using 3 apps to make a good thumnail: PS Express, Image Size, InShot.

PS Express can add DTV, DTube or DLive logo on the picture easily!

InShot can adjust your picture to the perfect canvas (16:9 for DTube and DLive)

Image Size helps to adjust your picture to the right size, so that you can upload to DTube with your phone. I’ve tried uploading videos with phone, for both DTube and DLive, both work pretty well.


Here is a plastic bag of sunshine


Always loved this album “Plastic Beach” from Gorillaz. It cheers me up when I’m not in a good mood.

Especially the song “On Melancholy Hill”

Well you can’t get what you want
But you can get me
So let’s set out to sea
‘Cause you are my medicine
When you’re close to me
When you’re close to me

A nostalgic song. How can it sound both happy and sad? The beat and his vocal is so happy, but it’s still melancholy lol. Luckily I can’t really hear lyrics clearly normally when I listen to English songs, so it still makes me happy.

What kind of music cheers you up? 

Feel free to share yours in the comment below 😀


Cute sculpture on the Belgian coast

Belgium has a short coastline, not as wonderful as some other countries. You find in most coastal cities crowded apartments, not so much empty beaches. But still quite nice to take a walk there sometimes. 

The other day when I went to the seaside, I’ve seen a cute field snail shaped sculpture, you can walk inside too 😀

Super cute, can have some fun there 😀

Not so sure which artist made it, but I think it’s part of Beaufort 2018 , a triennial art project that extends along the Belgian coastline. Belgians figured out we need some new monuments to make our seaside more interesting. Great initiative I believe, as I really enjoyed the cute sculpture. 

Might check out more in other coastal cities if I got some time 😀