Chocolate Joy!


I can’t remember if I ever wrote about a chocolate bar, probably I did, but I love it soooooo much!

I mean I don’t really drink milk, so I don’t drink hot chocolate, not even with skim milk, in this chocolate bar they have so many choice of chocolate spoons.

such as:

They are so cute.

I just realise they have a gluten/dairy one, but still need milk or not??

They also have chocolate fruity smoothie to choose. That’s exactly what I’m going for.

The one above is called Chocolate Joy ^^

Checking out chocolate bar – CHCO Chocolate Company

Was catching up with an old friend. There just opened a new chocolate bar in town. It is always packed when, so we thought it must be good. And it is indeed awesome!

Who doesn’t like chocolate? And it’s probably one of the best things about living in Belgium ^^

Speak English, Kiss French?

Choose your favourite hot chocolate, I don’t drink milk so I pass this.

Those tablet also look great right?

Chocolate or tea?

Those sirups are extremely popular here. I see many bars/cafés have those.


I love cakes but they make me feel soo guilty. I was thinking about starting a sugar free life this year but I failed …again. So sad.

Since I don’t drink milk, I got a smoothie with chocolate and fruits, better.

Guilty calorie. Need to move out of Europe maybe to start a sugar free life.

But it was so good! Haha!

Have a good day!