Aperol Spritz 🍹 + Sun 🌞 + 🎡 = Perfect Summer

Greetings from Brussels!

It’s already the first day of the second half of the year, how time flies!

Belgium in the summer time can be quite nice, with all those outdoor summerbars and stages!

I think I once introduced Brusselse Kanal area, one of the city’s major nightclubs is here, there are some nice modern art museums around as well.

The recent Kanal museum is under construction, so they decided to close it for a while. So this party is called Stop Kanal, I guess it’s just an excuse for people to have some fun in the summer.

DJ sets presented by Cologne label Kompakt

I πŸ’š Aperol Spritz!

Getting ready for the European summer

I feel I haven’t been in Europe forever, you know what, after two and half months, the summer is still not yet here, great!

I think I come back just in time, for all the fun things in the summer: festivals, concerts, terrace, etc.

20 degrees with a little bit of sun, everyone would already be sitting outside drinking. Precious summer sun, welcome to Europe.

Still jetlagged, but, whatever, maybe Sprizz is best cure for jetlag, who knows?

I still miss Asia, a little bit.

Some Songkran pictures! In Si Lom Road, Bangkok.

Greetings from BKK!

I never knew Songkran was crazy like this?

Photo taken in Si Lom Road, where Bangkok’s major water fight cemebration takes place. The whole street was made car free so people can walk and fight.

Silom road

More Silom road

Water everywhere

Fight fight. Our guns are useless tho.

Also street food stalls everywhere!

Photos is blurry because i had to use waterproof case and it somehow got blurry because of water.

Tuktuk to RCA.