Nha Trang throwback

Summer is coming but it’s still no 20 degrees yet. Can’t go to any beach nearby to enjoy sunshine.

I miss sunny Vietnam and the time spent just laying on the beach, reading or doing nothing.

Here are some pictures I believe I haven’t shared yet. It’s always difficult to tell which photos are already shared, which are not. Especially after a long trip, can you believe I’ve in totally made more than 100G of photos and videos? I can’t believe it myself until the other day I finally copied all to my computer. But I guess more pictures won’t do harm.

Didn’t like it much when I was there, due to the crowds, but bow I kinda miss it!

Taipei 101

Even if I had never been to Taipei before the trip, I had heard of 101, landmark of Taipei city. Here are some pictures of it.

101 metro station

101 by night from the Elephant Hill.

Didn’t mean to SHP like this, but don’t know what else I can write about it, I could have gone to the top take some “view of Taipei” pictures, but I didn’t want to pay for the expensive elevator lol. I’m a pretty bad tourist, at least nowadays, I remember before every city I go, I was always doing the viewpoint visit to some tall buildings, nowadays I’m not doing it any more.