[Favorite cities] #13 Zürich Lake Waterfront Stroll 苏黎世走走停停

Today I’ll take you to the largest Swiss city – Zürich. Switzerland is a very strange European country to me. Unless other big cities, such as Paris or Brussels where you can feel safe in some district and less safe in another. In Zurich, however, even the red light district – Langstrasse, you won’t feel any unsafe, like @liflorence mentioned.

It can be good or can be boring for the only “big city” in the country, which is also part of the reason some concern Switzerland as a boring country. Yet I think the best way to get the most out of your travel or you life is to enjoy what a place offers. For example, when in India, we should enjoy all the colors, the food and the noise. When in Switzerland, in contrast, we should enjoy its calmness and serenity.



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