「Friday, I’m in love with…」25/10/2019 | 枝桠 Gatsby In A Daze (((

Friday, I’m in love with…is a post series, in order to recommend some songs I newly discovered during the week, hopefully by starting this topic I’ll be more encouraged to look for new music, as I feel I always listen to the same songs again and again. I’ll try to make a post every Friday (if I’m not travelling).


This week I decided to check out some indie bands/musicians from China. I haven’t looked much into China indie stuff because I can’t follow them tour anyway, plus I’m not really a big fan of the whole Beijing rock scene, probably I can’t feel it because of the Beijing accent (really no offence). What I sometimes do check is the rising postrock and electronic music here.

  • 怪人房间 – 枝桠

枝桠 is the second album from Chinese postrock band 怪人房间。

I noticed this album a couple of months back but didn’t listen to it because I don’t like the cover much but turned out it’s surprisingly good.


  • Gatsby in a daze – (((

I recently discovered the band and have listened to their only album ((( from 2015. 

I have one album and one EP, Not bad summery shoegaze. Maybe can be better if without vocals…. I like the EP song below better, it is in Minnan dialect.

You can follow them at





晕盖比较偏迷幻钉鞋,钉鞋本身就是很夏天的感觉,这个乐队什么都好,但是人声有点出戏不知道为什么,不知道是不是口音的问题。听钉鞋和DreamPop非常怕出戏…… 不过他们去年出了一张闽南语EP,好好听好有感觉啊!