Today’s breakfast, seafood rice noodles…with…flowers? Yep, in Mekong Delta and Phu Guoc, they eat flowers with noodle soup. Is it tasty? I would recommend you to come here taste it yourself ^^

When you ordered a Vietnamese coffee, if you are not too patient to wait, then you get this. Vietnamese coffee drips sooooo slow, but I love it so much!

Took a walk around the hotel, except for some construction fields, countless resorts/homestays, there are a noticable number of chickens walking around.

Eating fried chicken in Vietnam? When you are tired of pho, and all the seafood you ordered is full of garlic (which I don’t like), so best bet is fried chicken I guess lol.

Back to my lovely bungalow.

with a huge coconut, even in Phu Quoc, you find cheap coconut, I got a huge one for 17k dong, which is ~ 60 euro cents.

Taking countless selfies with my coconut in the empty pool.