Haus Schwarzenberg Street Art Alley in Berlin

While visiting the east side of Berlin, I discovered Haus Schwarzenberg street art alley accidentally. It’s a narrow passage in the middle of a shopping street, full of very intricate and cool murals and tags. 

Haus Schwarzenberg started as a non-profit arts organisation that occupies the building deep within the Hackescher Markt and the alley next to it. The alley truly has a vibrant atmosphere, combined with creativity in this courtyard, you can spot some works made by famous street artists such as El Bocho, Stinkfish, Otto Schade, etc. There are two cafe’s and an ice-pop shop in the valley, you can relax with beautiful graffiti. 
If you are interested in street art in Berlin, feel free to check out my video:

今天我想介绍一下柏林的Haus Schwarzenberg涂鸦墙艺术街。这条街比较隐蔽,藏在一条商业街的一个小弄堂。进去以后才发现别有洞天,墙面布满了有意思的涂鸦。不宽也不长的街看得我目不暇接。
涂鸦作品也不乏著名的街头艺术创作者,比如El Bocho, Stinkfish, Otto Schade等。如果你喜欢街头艺术,不要忘记在逛柏林东部的时候来这里逛逛。Haus Schwarzenberg有两家露天咖啡店,一家画廊,和一个卖冰棍的店,可以在这里拍拍玩玩。

Paper & Tea – a Specialist Tea Concept Shop in Berlin

Paper & Tea is a Berlin based specialised tea concept shop. I got to know the shop seeing someone on the street with their ecobag written “You drink coffee, I drink tea, my dear”. I thought it was cool, after googling it, I found it’s a tea shop in Berlin. This time in Berlin, I went to visit this shop in Mitte neighbourhood. 

Its minimalist designed interiors. 

Tea pot, tea bottle and accessories.

You can try out their cold tea. It’s the best drink on a dry and scorching summer day.

I love their ecobags, one is with all kinds of tea, the other is with “You drink coffee, I drink tea” 😀

You can get a cup of cold tea to go 😀

Have a good Monday!


Happy Sunday, Steemians! It’s less warmer today, compared to the unbearable heatwave lately in Europe. It finally cooled down in Berlin after last night’s storm.

Most shops are closed on Sunday, but Berlin’s Sunday is never boring, I went to some great fleamarket in the morning.

Berlin is not a typical European city, nor a typical German city, you don’t find that many traditional brasserie here. Hipster Berliners seem to like more salad and vegan bars/restros.

Sunday fleamarkets. There’s a big one called Flohmarkt Am Raw, where you find all kinds of stuff to do, you can do wall climbing here. Nowadays the beach bars are popular too, you find quite a few of them.

Bring bath suit if you come to Berlin during the summer. (I didn’t 😂)

Have a beautiful Sunday, Steemians









「Joy in Berlin」Greetings from Berlin!

Greetings from Berlin, Steemit friends! 

I was happy to be here, yesterday I took the Ryanair flight, lately the airline has gone through severe cabin crew strike, and most of the flights got cancelled. So I feel lucky to be in Berlin now. 

I was in Berlin more than 5 years ago, it feels like a century ago already! This time I’ll skip the touristic stuff, just enjoy the Berlin summer. 

You’ve probably heard about the heatwaves in Europe recently, it’s more than 30 celsius today! Crazy..

Then I dont think I’ll ever learn German haha.

Berlin has a lot of nice second hand clothing shops, I was trying to find something colorful for festivals and my following trips 🙂

I hope you enjoy your weekend, no matter where you are!