Cocktail bar without menu

This cocktail bar in Hongdae area doesn’t have a menu. You can tell bartender what you want: sweet or not, strong or not strong, fruity etc. Then they make you your cocktail accordingly.

They have two cute cats, I was firstly attracted by the cats from the window, then decided to go in.

I told them to make me a sweet and strong cocktail and I got what I wanted.

Interesting place, good concept. It was a quite small bar, can only fit 7 or 8 persons, but cozy and cats are cute. Price was similar as in Belgium.

Hualien 💐

Rent a scooter in Hualien, the battery wasn’t enough to ride to Taroko, so visited some park near the sea. Wasn’t bad at all.

Is it a lighthouse? It’s right on the main street in Hualien city. Isn’t lighthouse supposed to be anywhere on the coastline? How come it’s in the city? Kinda confusing.

Streets, where I rent my scooter.

Cute dried fish

Nanbin park in Hualien, I can sit there the whole afternoon.

When you don’t know how to pose for photos…

Get a drink, coffee, bubble tea, whatever, and just hold it, then you don’t have to think about where to put your hand. Clever?

like this

like this this and this

Unlike my fellow Chinese tourists, I’m really really bad at posing for photos. I often feel awkward when I have to take a photo, so I just hold my drink. Plus, a nice drink can never go wrong ^^

Favorite album of 2019 so far| Big Thief – U.F.O.F

Been away for long this year, I feel I’ve been listening to the same old songs from same old bands again and again. Now finally I have found some time to discover some new albums that I might have missed out.

So happy I listened to this album from Big Thief, two songs already make me love this album:

So nice to listen to in a summer afternoon.

Also checked their tour dates, one of the only good things about living in Europe is that when you check some random bands, you find them might tour in your city tomorrow. But of course whether the tickets are sold out is not guaranteed. They seem more popular than I thought, coundn’t get the ticket for tomorrow, maybe go to Pukkelpop to see them.