Rain rain rain (#pkp19 teaser)

I don’t know if you can see in the pictures, but it’s been raining hard and a bit cold.

But it was so much fun, I love Pukkelpop now!

Pukkel means pimple, I believe a lot of festival goers are teenagers, of course not all of them, met some guy who said who’s been there for 35 consecutive years. It’s always nice to meet such people, you can never be too old for festivals ^^


one of the biggest electronic stages

Betreden op eigen risico.

= Enter at your own risk.

– – –

(more pictures to come!)

Never so excited for a festival

I’m ultra excited, because of Pukkelpop this weekend. Festivals are my main summer activities in Belgium, really nothing special but I got sooooooooo excited I don’t know why.

Maybe because it is Pukkelpop that I normally don’t really go, or is it because I have two of my fav bands to see there, I’m thinking the whole about the possiblity I can sneak into the backstage to take a picture with them ^^ (be careful of groupies, Skegss).

BTW it’s actually BSF (Brussels Summer Festival) in town, also a great festival right in the center of Brussels.

Pictures below have nothing to do with the text above, as usual, just some random night out pictures, except I got a bit more excited, as you can see.

Have you ever tried mango beer? I loved it so much! It’s mango sour beer, not sweet.

Throwback to Africa!

Happy #tbt everyone!

Here are some unposted pictures from my trips in Africa late last year. You have no idea how much I loved that continent, I want to visit it again any time.

one of the better roads

most roads are like this

cute statues ^^

road signs

tribal Joy

roadside snack, I thought iy was something more tasty, but it was plain yam.

My fav dish in CI, actually they only have 2 or 3 dishes.


Eating in a hotel owned by French men, they have more options.