I went to Berlin twice last year, all short trips but nice memories. Berlin wasn’t a city I liked a lot when I first visited it. Met’s be honest, it’s not among the most beautiful European cities.

But after visiting it a couple of times afterwards, it becomes my favorite European city now.

Kreusberg is my favorite district in Berlin, it’s home to many thift shops, laid-back cafés and bars, also a major nightlife district. I specially liked it by night ^^

The famous Burgermeester shop in Kreuzberg, I think I posted the burger shop last time already. Very interesting place, don’t miss it when you are in Berlin!

Some pictures.

One thing I regret is that I never had the chance to visit the modern art installation exhibition called Boros Bunker, there’s this huge popcorn machine installation, seems cool to me. But the exhibition is normally fully booked months in advance, and I always make last-minute trips lol.

But I think I’ll visit Berlin again for sure! It’s such an awesome city, do you agree?

TBT – flying from Man to Abidjan with Air Côte d’ivoire

Hello Thursday, today I’d like to throwback to the trip from Man to Abidjan. You can for sure take a long distance bus, but after many tiring bus rides, I decided to fly back to Abidjan, seems like a easier way to travel.

The picture above was taken in Man, a restaurant near the market.

Very typical Ivorien lunch, rice and grilled chicken. except the rice is “Cantonese style”, it tastes good especially with the local spicy sauce (which was quite spicy even for me), kinda different than the real Cantonese rice though haha.

Did I mention before, waiting for food can be long in West Africa? I had so much time for selfie, making Steem drafts, editing videos and people watching. Normally after editing one vlog and writing one post, food was still not there. But in other words, travelling in those kinda places is also slow but relaxing, you never need to worry no time for Steem haha.

Taken from my people-watching time, what was that exactly, I forgot to ask them lol.

Airport in Man is so small that everything is manual, even boarding pass was handwrite.

Very small flight to Abidjan. Was also the only flight within the region that I took during the trip!

Aksum Coffee House in Brussels

Exploring different coffee bars can be fun. The other day while waiting for friends, I found out an nice café inside Galerie de Roi in Brussels, called Aksum Coffee House.

It’s not far from Brussels Central Station, just 5 min walk, so can be a great place to hang out when waiting for your train connections, if you don’t like the crowded Starbucks inside the station.

Nice decoration, African style! and great coffee as well. Happy I found it since I often go to the Central Station area.

Trams 🚃

I love trams, how about you?

I took a lot of tram photos wherever I go. Here are a couple of them I’d like to share with you. Sometimes I hope steem came earlier so that I can remember taking more photos.

Most of the photos are taken in Eastern Europe I believe, they use trams a lot! Of course except for the cutest ones were from Portugal and the last one is in Hong Kong 🙂