Airport selfie :) Off to Zanzibar

Back in Balgium for a day, unpack and pack again.

I have a busy life. Looks like it.

Off to Zanzibar for a week, no luxury though, bear market.

Can’t wait to escape European winter now.

Haven’t been to the gym for a while in fact, maybe I need to press this button to lose some weight before heading to the beach lol.

(photo above taken in Kreuzberg, Berlin, they have the best street art there. )

Anyway, stay tuned and see you in a while!

GABBA GABBA HEY! – Ramones Museum Cafe in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

If you read my post from yesterday, my journey back from SteemFest3 took longer than usual.

I made an afternoon stopover in Berlin.

Berlin, especially Kreuzberg always gives me the reason to go back to this great city. To be honest, a couple of years back when I first visited Berlin, I didn’t like it much. But with time goes by, I can totally feel the gem and soul of the city and fall in love with it eventually.

My visit was so short, plus the tiredness from SteemFest, what I did yesterday was just to chill from café to café (it’s my typical café crawl when I visit any city anyway).

Finding this Romanes Museum was a coincidence, the Burgermeister shop was just next to the café, so after the burger I was searching nearby good rating café and came across it.

From outside.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Ramones, go inside anyway, they get great decoration and the coffee wasn’t bad at all.

T-shirts for sale.

Besides the café itself, there’s a museum dedicated to the American Rock Punk band Ramones. I found it interestsing. You can get some discount for your coffee if buying the museum ticket.

Some interesting finds from the museum. Come discover it yourself when in Berlin 🙂

Kreuzberg is full of surprise, like always!

Packing for my trip to Zanzibar while counting down the BCH fork, what a day back in Belgium. I hope you are all having a great fay there!

Recap SteemFest3 + photo drop

While seeing all the recap posts for this years these two days, I didn’t feel it ends until today. On my way back to Belgium now.

It was great and I had a lot of fun. Thanks! I think I already dropped some of the photos the past few days, here are some more 🙂

I’m sure you guys all enjoyed using steemhunt and @tasteem, it was great to meet the founders of these two awesome apps, @project7 and Travis.

Victoria @bugavi and Olga @olga.maslievich, I was following your story of travelling to Poland from you getting the visa to the bus trip on Steem and it was great to meet you two in person. And Victoria, your English is good, you don’t have to worry.

@greencross @anahilarski, @neopch, @roxane, @tasteem…, we love the boat and we are captains lol

@anahilarski, I hope you guys enjoy your Eurotrip and all the best with future project!

@steemcafe, you are always great fun.

@stoodkev, you too, so much fun! See you in Tainan!

CN community gathering! @partiko @travelgirl!

@rea, I can always laugh to tears with you. Remember “refill” and that dance? Haha

I’ll find out soon how travelling in West Africa will be like and thanks for the great advice, @surf-yogi

You are a star @coruscate, it was so great finally meet you in person!

@world-travel-pro, that “travel pro” selfie finally!

@greencross @kevinli @steemmatt, why’s this photo like this, whats wrong with the color?

I’m happy that I had to extend my trip to spend some time with Team Malaysia, @joannewong @elizacheng @bitrocker2020 @aaronleang, you guys arr awesome, I hope to meet you guys in KL maybe next year?

Of course not to forget te legendary @nathanmars and @ddaily fam!

Probably many more photos I already included in the previous posts. And also there’re many more awesome Steemians I hope I had some photos to post here: @daveonarrival @jrvacation @suesa @kevinwong @demotruk @abh12345 @lizanomadsoul @ramengirl @timsaid @shogo @yoshiko @knozaki2015 @kinokimochi @anomadsoul @firepower, @gtg @steembirds and more…

Nice meeting you guys and sinxe I love travelling, maybe see you guys somewhere.

I love Krakow old town!

I’m happy to be in Krakow for a few more days exploring the city after SteemFest3.

Krakow city is small enough. The photo above is taken in front of the main market hall. Franz Kafka statue.

One of the many castles.

I remember seeing something similar in Greece. The bread is apparently also popular in Poland.

The famous bridge.

Cheese + potato

Random street

Yesterday was the Polish indendence day, you see the Polish flag color everywhere.