behind the photo|🏝Da Nang

A couple of days ago, I saw a contest called behind the photo:, but I was kinda busy travelling. Now it’s already passed the deadline if the contest, still I’d like to share some photo stories in Da Nang.

  • Story 1 – Pool

In the hotel in Da Nang, there’s a little rooftop pool. It’s not a big hotel, so the pool isn’t big either. These days, the weather is still warm here compared to back home in Belgium (2 degree there!)

Nice to have a drink in front of the pool, especially at sunset time, with the view of Da Nang city.

Doesn’t it look nice on the picture, but sometimes it’s windy like this:

20 degrees Celsius isn’t a bad temperature for those who live in most part of Europe, but will you jump in the pool?

I did! It was cold, am I brave? lol

after the photo ^ cold~

  • Story 2 – Beach

Two selfies I liked from Da Nang trip.

Behind the photo: sometimes you need to take 50+ selfies to choose a good one.

BTW: camera color seems better than the phone cam