Bought a saree from the cloth market in Amritsar. Merry Xmas everyone!

The other day I went to visit the cloth market in Amritsar. In fact, I feel the majority of Amritsar old city is a cloth market. Don’t know if it’s the same for most nothern indian cities or only in Amritsar, as I haven’t visited much in Northern India, besides Varanasi.

Most important is the textiles sold here look so nice, bling bling bling…

I haven’t seen much international tourists here, most tourists are probably from India. Compared to Varanasi, vendors here won’t hassel you to buy something, I feel here they won’t even try to sell you stuff. I often had to ask around to know if they sell saree or not.

Here are some shots taken from auto rickshaw tuktuk:

Indians love golden accessories.

I actually feel pretty bad sitting in the tuktuk though all the traffic jams. Feels like tuktuks are the cause of the traffic… But then it’s not really walkable, with all the motorbikes honking and trying to pass, otherwise I would prefer walking.


Wedding dress shop

Found a tailor shop to stitch my saree cloth. Saree cloth varies a lot in price. Cheapest one is only 200ish rupee (€2.5) while the expensive can go up to $$$$$

You can ask for simple stitch, then fold the saree yourself or to stitch with all the pleats in.

Tailor did an awesome job, I’m happy with my new saree!

Merry Xmas everyone!