Corona lockdown Day 2-3

I’m still not so worried and I don’t like the social media “stay at home” sort of campaign much. As someone already staying at home most of the time, the whole lockdown doesn’t change my lifestyle a bit, except for my bi-weekly going out can’t take place.

I understand the virus, I’m hearing it a lot from my friends and family in China for months. Now with the quarantine the peak in Belgium is yet to come surely. Are we gonna stock the whole house with supplies for months? Cafes are closed but supermarkets stay open, we know that right?

Again, I’m living in the outskirt of the town and do my groceries in a neighbourhood Carrefour, everything is perfectly normal, yesterday I went outside buying some bread and some fruit, except for the shortage of berries, I got everything I need, there were a normal amount of people in the shop, no more no less.

I believe unless you are in the epicenter, if everyone limit their activity outside responsibly, keep enough social distance we should be fine, yesterday i went outside and saw an elderly walking on the street from far, I stepped back, until she passes by, just in case. Maybe if you live in a busy city, or any crowded apartment building, the situation can be different. But I’m still doing my groceries as usual and I encounter very few on my way.

It’s the time you are happy that you aren’t very social and are already used to stay at home lol.