Corona lockdown Day 4

Another lockdown day, another day staying indoors. Strange enough, even for a indoor enthusiast like me, it feels a bit anxious when you are told to stay indoor, I still prefer the choice to go outside even though I spend most of the time inside especially in the winter when I’m in Belgium.

The lockdown right here still isn’t bad as some other European countries, we haven’t enforced the complete lockdown yet, you still see a few people walking on the streets. France has enforeced the total lockdown, you need to show ID and a note when going outside, Spain has enforced martial law, pretty bad over there.

frituurs are still open, got a bit anxious to go inside buying fries tho.
ordered pizza instead, weird spicy black bean and nacho pizza. Deliveroo and Uber Eats riders are still working hard, kudos to them.
Anyday you still have an option to take a walk outside is a good day. Spring is coming, I feel total lockdown can be here any time just like neighbour countries. For anyone who’s wondering, I’ve been careful not to interact with others even when I’m walking outside, atm I really hope I live in the forest.
sunset is still beautiful

BTW: Steem blockchain will celebrate its 4th birthday in a week, whatever it happens, it’s been a great journey.

Have a good day.