Corona Lockdown Day n

Hey! How are you, still enjoying lockdown?

Me, not so much anymore, feeling kinda shitty. Still reading some books, but not in the mood to do sports at home. After trying all the restaurants that are still are open for delivery, I’m currently getting bored, and ordered weekly meal kit for the first, so I can get some fresh vegetables (yes I don’t go to supermarket anymore).

hotdog ^^
fresh ingredients

Although many people in Belgium loves hello fresh, I’m still not a big fan. But at this time of pandemic, it’s not a bad idea to get pre-measured ingredients to cook.

The reason why it’s still my thing is that I prefer to be spontaneous about what I’m gonna eat every day, to cook or to eat out, or to order something. Plus the dishes I usually make don’t need much ingredients, it’s often not the ingredients that matter, but the way you cook the food. I ordered the quick&easy box but it’s not really that easy, I meant I still prefer one pan cooking, so slow cooked stew or something else.

Again it’s not bad during lockdown time I guess.

Ordered some freeze dry fruits because I’m not going to the supermarket, recently I started to love freeze dry. Here’s a video I found about home freeze dry.

I’m not a huge fan of food prep but freeze dry prep seems much more fun and healthy.

What’s else?

I’ve heard Wimbledon 2020 got cancelled. I still hope they don’t cancelled festivals in Belgium. It’d stupid if the pandemic finishes by the summer after they already cancelled summer events. Feels like it’s gonna be a super boring summer this year.