Impressions of Stone Town, Zanzibar (in 28 photos)

Jambo, Stone town!

Jambo means hello here 🙂

Stone Town is so far from the beach, can only play with cats. My flight arrived late at night, so I decided to stay two nights in the city.

Stone Town feels a bit like some towns in Morocco, quite commercialised as well, with many vendors coming to you selling the boat tours. Most travellers would skip Stone Town and head to the beach, some will do a day trip here.

Here are more pictures of it.

Grilled corns. I didn’t stay in the old town, but near a market close to the main road of Zanzibar city. You see grilled corns in the market.

Coconut found on the way from airbnb to the old town.

Bus station, just outside Zanzibar old town, near where i was staying.

Main road of Zanzibar city.

Busy market.

busy streets.

These are how hotels look like in Stone Town.

Nice view

Snacks weren’t bad and they were super spicy!


Freddie Mercury has a house in Stone Town, he was born here.

What locals eat for breakfast, actually all different stuff, even grilled fish. I got a milk tea and some cake and potatos.

Sunset food market. Grilled fish wasn’t bad.

  You can get a better sunset picture in the African House in Stone Town.