Packing time 5 4 3 2 1 done!

Hello everyone! Today I’m gonna show you how I pack for my trip. This time I’m gonna travel for 70 days.

As you know I travel super light no matter how long the trip is. I sometimes throw some old clothes (or even send clothes back home) on the way and buy a few new ones on the way. For toiletteries, I normally only bring enough for two weeks or so and buy some more in travel size on the way, so I can keep travel light.

Let’s start?

Those are all I’m bringing with me. They should all be able to fit in my 50-55L backpack. In fact, I can’t take anything bigger than that bag.

One bag for cleansing stuff and one for lotion and stuff.

But as a girl, I can be difficult when it comes to skin care product. I have some certain product I’m sticking with and at home I’ll use the same product the whome year round. But when I’m travelling, I try to be easier with such things, I take whatever available and portable. In this way, I can buy stuff on the way when those runs out, instead of bringing the whole selection of bottles from home, which can take a whole lot of space and normally super heavy as well. In fact you find everything in Thailand as well, I can go 2 months out of my skin care routines, lol.

Clothes, I take a lot of clothes, they take most of space in my bag. You can check out my clothing packing vlog here:

Same goes with makeups, I go minimalism in such things when I’m travelling, just a few eye shadows, lipsticks, a tiny mascara are enough for me.

Extra bags besides a bumbag.

Lenses… I bring both day and bi-weekly ones, because for 70 days, day lenses takes too much space.


If I forgot anything, I should be able to find in Thailand I guess!