Random 14th Dec 2019

Hello Steemitans, how are you doing? Still coping well with the Tron Steem news?

I largely stopped following those news atm, firstly there’s too much noise, making it impossible for me to focus other stuff, secondly if there’s any important official notice by the inc or by Justin Sun, our dedicated Steemitans won’t forget to resteem it, so we’re very likely to know it, no worries.

I think it’s important to keep our momentum going on here, post things you like to post. Otherwise it’s also boring if everyone talks about their opinions about the news.

Today I found some interesting photos on my camera, and would like to share them with you.

It was 14th Dec 2019, in Hanoi. Why I took so many pictures in Hanoi? Because I liked it better than other places and somehow always in the mood to take more pictures everytime I visit the city lol. Maybe in the future I’ll move there too if I finally I had enough of the Eueopean winter and all those Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis whatever winter storms.

I was in this dog café in Hanoi, because I felt like playing with dogs but I don’t have a dog…

After playing with dogs, I went to eat in a local night snack place that I have no idea what I was eating. Until this day I still have no idea what I was eating that day. I thought it was Shish Kebab. I love Shish Kebab so at first I was excited, but it wasn’t really, it was some inner part I think… difficult to bite but I was hungry so I ate all up lol. It’s alwas nice to travel to a country where I can’t speak the language and sometimes eat something you have no idea what it is.