Sergei Parajanov museum in Yerevan – the artistic mind and creativity must be seen to be believed

If you are an art cinema lover, you should definitely check out the legendary Armenian film director and artist Sergei Parajanov‘s museum in Yerevan. The museum is situated near the Hrazdan gorge, an absolutely scenic area in town.

Despite that Mr. Parajanov had only produced a handful of films, he has be nominated by many film critics as genius. In this house museum, we can feel thoroughly his borderless fantasy, talent and vision. Parajanov is unique in Armenian art of 20th century. He was being banned from film-making and eventually thrown in the Soviet prison for five years.

Parajanov was dedicated to the handmade artworks during his time in prison. The museum in Yerevan displays a wide collection of photo collages and other pieces of art made by Parajanov. Without a word, it tells the story of this great Armenian film-maker.

The exterior of the museum. Located in a narrow lane, it was not so easy to find it.

A photo of Sergei Parajanov in the yard of the museum.

Parajanov liked to use photo collage as a medium to document cinematic ideas. It was inspiring to see how he could express his revolutionary ideas through those collage back during the Soviet time.

I totally loved the whole collection of the surrealist artworks made by Parajanov during the time he was forbidden in the film industry. Many of these works were so mysterious, quirky and unusual. Some of the pieces remind me something related to the Voodoo rituals.

Beautifully decorated rooms replicating Parajanov’s house.

Parajanov museum is probably the most popular museum in Yerevan. It was interesting to see this excellent tribute to this man. When I was there, I came across some French visitors who seemed to know much more about Parajanov than I do. Yet I think, whether you are a fan of him or not, it’s a very unique place to visit. Don’t miss it if you visit Yerevan one day!

Addres: Blds15&16 Dzoragyugh 1st St, Yerevan 375015, Armenia