「Love this song」We Lost The Sea – A Gallant Gentleman

We Lost The Sea is a progressive instrumental post rock band from Sydney. Their music is atmospheric, and beautiful.  A Gallant Gentleman is a track from their album Departure Songs in 2015.

This track is so great, I don’t need to listen to any other songs tonight. 

Have a good Sunday, Steemit friends, I hope you enjoy this track too.


Beautiful Sunday in Lille

This weekend is Braderie de Lille, the city is packed! I’ve never been to Lille before, even though Lille is quite close to Belgium, it’s my first time to come here, because I though it would probably similar like any Walloon cities in Belgium, which isn’t really the case, it’s still more French (of course :D)

Look at those windows, we don’t have many windows like this in Belgium.

In Lille, there are two major stations: Lille Europe and Lille Flandres, like its name indicates, Lille Flandres station connects trains from Belgium. From border cities you can get pretty cheap train ticket to Lille, from Kortrijk it only takes 30+ minutes to reach here.

Street during the braderie, I’ll post more pictures when I get back home 😀

I think it’s quite a lovely city. Happy I came visit it, finally.

Have a good Sunday, Steemians!

Beautiful Sunday at Flagey square in Brussels.

If you ask me which area is my favourite in Brussels, I would say probably Place Flagey. It’s always nice to grab a drink or two with friends there: nice bars, terraces, transats, happy hours, etc. Probably the most chill and relaxed area in town.

We don’t really have that many lakes/ rivers in Brussels, which makes Ixelle Ponds lovely, especially in the summer days. 

Me and my transat.

With bestie 😀

Place Flagey

Please don’t get drunk, Joy 😀



Beautiful Sunday: Bring some Steem to the picnic park!

Hi, Steemians! 

Finally it cools down…. a bit in Belgium, by which I mean it is no longer 30+ degrees, but a comfy 28 degree Sunday. After always staying at home during the day for quite a while, today finally I feel like going outside. There’s this Picnic Park in town, so many people came to the park, enjoying beautiful summer Sunday! 

Pop-up book car

Tea set for the high tea.

Meanwhile bringing some Steem. 

I love this DIY straw hat with sequin letters (not made by me though lol). 

Perfect for the summer picnic or beach holidays, and it bring Steem everywhere!

Have a good Sunday, Steemit friends!