Trip to Kinderdijk Windmill village in the Nederlands

I went to Kinderdijk in the Nederlands the other day when my friend from China came to visit. It’s a village close to Rotterdam. There are many lovely windmills in the area. I live in Flanders for a couple of years already, but strangely I haven’t explored this famous windmill village. Thanks to my friend’s visit, I finally got the chance to visit this place. It was actually easy for us to get there. First we took a train to Dordrecht from Belgium, then a direct bus to Kinderdijk. I guess sometimes we are lazy to explore the nearby area, thinking it’s nothing special but actually it can be as nice as more remote places.

We had a great day there. First we took a boat tour around the area and got to see many details of the classical windmills. The weather was great. We really enjoyed the boat tour, the personnel on the boat was super friendly, he was surprised that I can speak Dutch. He told me that they worked as volunteers here and told us if we want, can stay in the boat doing a few more circles around the area for free.



The area is great for a walk in a sunny summer day. After the boat tour, we took a walk around. It was super peaceful and serene.