I made an “about me” page for my blog!

Hey Steemians, do you also feel about me or self introduction page is extremely difficult to make?

In fact I don’t even think I’ve made a proper intro for Steem when I joined 3 years ago, so I can’t believe now I made one for my blog. Since when have I changed so much?

Anyways here below is how the page looks like! I still don’t think I’m good at introducing myself, but I’m proud I made it. Feel free to give me any feedback.


Who’s Joy?

Hello There!


I’m soooo happy you find it here.

Welcome, welcome ^^



About Me

I’m not very good at self introduction but I’ll try.

I’m Joy or 小笑, born and raised in China, moved to Belgium 8ish years ago and have lived here ever since.

I have a background in both IT and tourism. I speak Chinese, English, Dutch and French. But except for Chinese, all other languages are kinda broken. XD


What kind of travel blogger is Joy ?


Recently I’m proud to have my passport fully stamped.

I write about practical info and travel reports for fellow independent travellers. I DIY my trips to all places, from popular spots like Salar de Uyuni, to less travelled hidden gems.

I’m specialised in budget travels, but not really a hardcore backpacker tho. I do enjoy nice resorts sometimes too, if I go to such (not very often tho), you can expect “influencer” kinda posts with me posing 1001 photos.

I share my travels in real time and in details.


Travelling for the sake of travelling and seeing as much of this kaleidoscope of a world we all live in is about the only reason most of us ever need to travel.

   Is Joy a vlogger?


I started vlogging a year ago. Although I still think I’m too shy to be a vlogger, most of my vlogs are actually done in public. This sounds odd but I feel more confident vlogging in public than e.g simply joining a group conversation.

No good editing and filming skills, but I’m vlogging my travel stories. I’m shooting with Canon SX740, thinking about upgrading to Sony a6400.


Life besides Travelling

Currently I’m travelling 4-5 months a year, trying to make it 6 months. My main base is still Belgium, I’m around mainly during the relatively warmer months (Belgian summer, why are you so short?)

Actually I want this blog not a “travel only” blog, I’m sharing my interesting or dull life here as well, also my rambling on whatever interests me.

I love coffee, food, post-rock music, concerts, festivals, colorful clothes and hair, etc.



Come come,

Travel with me!


Joy ?


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