Now it’s possible to exchange your SNAX token to Steem on SE

Morning everyone! Do you remember SNAX?

SNAX rewards content creators on popular social platforms such as twitter and Steem. Probably many of you have already done the authorisation and linked your Steem account. I think I’ve seen a lot of posts the previous months anyway. If you didn’t know yet, the token was previously launched in one if the small exchanges, but now it’s on Steem Engine. You can type SNAX on SE search bar and find it. I’ve exchanged mine the other day and it’s worth roughly 100 Steem. I’m not saying you should all sell it but it’s an interesting project and now you can send the tokens to your Steem-Engine account.

,你们记得不记得SNAX是一个奖励社交平台影响力的平台,通过链接Steem和Twitter账号,可以获得空投,前一阵大家都在Steem上面验证连接到SNAX 现在他们移到了Steem Engine上面如果你有验证Steem账号,可以在SNAX钱包看到代币余额,现在可以赚到你的SE,在SE搜索SNAX交易成Steem和其他 我已经换成Steem大概换了100其实这个项目很有意思希望他们能进一步发展