Steem SHP girl finally started working on her wordpress site

photo credit: ^^

I actually feel a bit guilty, as my blog over there has been more of a shitposting site for a year or two, I never had had a own blog before @steempress‘ wordpress plugin.

Actually today I’ve spent the whole day changing my WP theme and menus and tried to integrate some travel shitposts in all the categories.

You know, I’ve been here on Steem posting every day but I don’t really keep a travel blog.

I think I mainly have “faalangst” we call it in Dutch, fear of failure. That’s why it’s so difficult for me to dedicate myself to anything that takes time, and I don’t think I’m a travel blogger material. I’m too lazy to do research while travelling, I can’t provide posts about the most awesome things to do in a certain place, also I’m not a awesome photographer or something, my blog won’t stand out just because of the pictures. And I certainly can’t become those “look at me, I’m beautiful” kind of blogger, I can’t even do makeup well. No no there’s no meaning for me to keep a blog.

But what has changed then?

Maybe years of shitposting has finally inspired me.

So maybe I can simply documenting my life, random thoughts and travels in this blog. Nowadays I have more freedom to travel compared to a few years back. Even though my English is still a shit, I still can’t really write well, I still can’t afford a great camera, but at least I think my life is interesting, why not just document it? As a memory to myself maybe.

So, what you can expect from this site?

  • Lifestyle OOTD if I spend money on clothes, skincare, or any other things. These days I give out much less though, so probably not much to post in this category, except for some thrift shop huntings.
  • Travels. I’m no longer a checklist traveller, so maybe I’ll more focus on random street food, local lifes. I’m an independent traveller, I don’t follow much tour, so I will share some practical DIY trip report maybe.
  • I’m thinking about doing a vlog series in Chinese about life, visas, shopping, languages, etc in Belgium and travelling in Europe. Targeting new students/comers in town, I remember I had some difficulties myself, so I hope to help some others. I think it needs a lot of works, hope it won’t scare me at the first place. (probably it will though)
  • Whatever interests me.
  • Most important: I need write an about page, which is sooooo difficult!

But firstly, lemme categorize all the past travel posts, I just realised how many SHP I’ve made the past years, impressive, isn’t it! I totally become crazy just by looking at them lol.