COFFEE A ☕️ in Hanoi

I had so much coffee in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. The old quarter has so many lovely café’s. I guess that’s the main reason I love Hanoi so much! Among those café’s Coffee A is my favourite, stayed in total 10 days in Hanoi, went there every day haha.

Vietnamese people like to sit in the small chairs in front of the streets.

The café has great views.

view a rainy day

Recommend it to you whenever you visit Hanoi!

Bothing better than a morning coffee in a vintage style café

I stay in Dihua Rd, not until yesterday Taiwan Steemians told me this area is full of nice shops and has become quite trendy recently, did I realise I should explore the street, since I stay so close by!

This cute café attracts me.

Love its decorations!

Great for photo taking I guess.


address: 404, Minsheng West Road, Datong District, Taipei City, 103

Undef Ne

Greetings from Shanghai, found a cool café while walking around the area near Jade buddha temple.

Seems like a district full of some kind of art galleries.

address: Undef Ne, Moganshan Rd, Putuo Qu, Shanghai Shi, 200000

Cute Red Café ☕️

Found this cute café in Hanoi old quarter, spent a few hours inside.

As you see, there are many such cafés in Hanoi, facing the streets with a row of chairs, Vietnamese love coffee and they have good coffee too, often you see people with a cup of coffee sitting in front of the street, watching people and cars passing by.

I sometimes wonder, isn’t it a bit too loud? When in Europe I always prefer quieter cafés, in Hanoi there are some quieter neighbourhoods, with International restaurants, such as the area near west lake. But I just like those noisy cafés in the old quarter, maybe because Vietnam is still new to me, or because it’s just different than other countries I’ve been, making it special to me.

Decor looks so French

Had some coffee and cake, not bad.

Do you also like coffee?

Have a good day ahead.