Aksum Coffee House in Brussels

Exploring different coffee bars can be fun. The other day while waiting for friends, I found out an nice café inside Galerie de Roi in Brussels, called Aksum Coffee House.

It’s not far from Brussels Central Station, just 5 min walk, so can be a great place to hang out when waiting for your train connections, if you don’t like the crowded Starbucks inside the station.

Nice decoration, African style! and great coffee as well. Happy I found it since I often go to the Central Station area.

Checking out chocolate bar – CHCO Chocolate Company

Was catching up with an old friend. There just opened a new chocolate bar in town. It is always packed when, so we thought it must be good. And it is indeed awesome!

Who doesn’t like chocolate? And it’s probably one of the best things about living in Belgium ^^

Speak English, Kiss French?

Choose your favourite hot chocolate, I don’t drink milk so I pass this.

Those tablet also look great right?

Chocolate or tea?

Those sirups are extremely popular here. I see many bars/cafés have those.


I love cakes but they make me feel soo guilty. I was thinking about starting a sugar free life this year but I failed …again. So sad.

Since I don’t drink milk, I got a smoothie with chocolate and fruits, better.

Guilty calorie. Need to move out of Europe maybe to start a sugar free life.

But it was so good! Haha!

Have a good day!


My first Coffee Cupping experience at the Europalia Arts Festival 2017 当回咖啡品尝师过过瘾

Today I went to an Indonesian coffee cupping workshop during Europalia Arts Festival in Brussels. Europalia is a major international arts festival that takes place in Brussels every two years, to celebrate one invited country’s cultural heritage. This year the guest country is Indonesia, a country blessed with a large variety of unique and tasty coffees. Today’s coffee cupping workshop is part of the Europalia Arts Festival program.

I love coffee and drink a couple of cups every day, but coffee cupping is still a new concept to me. Coffee cupping is the practice of tastes and aromas of coffee. It can be a professional, known as “Q Graders”. Or it can be done by anyone informally anywhere.

It was great fun as I missed the coffee tour back in Colombia’s coffee zone, through today’s workshop, I got to learn more about the coffee world.

今天我在布鲁塞尔的欧罗巴利亚艺术节,过了一把当咖啡品尝家的瘾。 两年一度在布鲁塞尔举行的欧罗巴利亚艺术文化节,旨在庆祝受邀国家的文化遗产。 今年的受邀国家是印度尼西亚。印尼是个拥有各种独特美味的咖啡的国度。 今天我参加的咖啡品尝会是今年文化艺术节的一部分。

我很喜欢喝咖啡,每天喝好几杯,但咖啡品尝对我来说仍然是一个陌生的概念。这个咖啡品尝流程可以是专业品尝协会的咖啡品尝家来进行,他们也叫做“Q Graders”,也可以是任何业余咖啡爱好者在任何地方进行。


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