Undef Ne

Greetings from Shanghai, found a cool café while walking around the area near Jade buddha temple.

Seems like a district full of some kind of art galleries.

address: Undef Ne, Moganshan Rd, Putuo Qu, Shanghai Shi, 200000

Cute Red Café ☕️

Found this cute café in Hanoi old quarter, spent a few hours inside.

As you see, there are many such cafés in Hanoi, facing the streets with a row of chairs, Vietnamese love coffee and they have good coffee too, often you see people with a cup of coffee sitting in front of the street, watching people and cars passing by.

I sometimes wonder, isn’t it a bit too loud? When in Europe I always prefer quieter cafés, in Hanoi there are some quieter neighbourhoods, with International restaurants, such as the area near west lake. But I just like those noisy cafés in the old quarter, maybe because Vietnam is still new to me, or because it’s just different than other countries I’ve been, making it special to me.

Decor looks so French

Had some coffee and cake, not bad.

Do you also like coffee?

Have a good day ahead.




MOK Coffee Bar

It has been sunny for a week now, I went to the city, trying to buy a new picnic blanket so that I can enjoy the sun in the park. But I’ve found nowhere they sell it, February is indeed too early for that. So instead of the park, I went to a coffee bar I used to frequent for a while.

It hasn’t changed much.

Some decorations inside.

Coffee was good as always.

I’m wearing eSteem T-shirt because lately they updated their ios app, I’ve tried it, not bad at all! I think I’ll do a video compare it with Partiko, which I’ve been constantly using.

Stay tuned and enjoy your week!

Aksum Coffee House in Brussels

Exploring different coffee bars can be fun. The other day while waiting for friends, I found out an nice café inside Galerie de Roi in Brussels, called Aksum Coffee House.

It’s not far from Brussels Central Station, just 5 min walk, so can be a great place to hang out when waiting for your train connections, if you don’t like the crowded Starbucks inside the station.

Nice decoration, African style! and great coffee as well. Happy I found it since I often go to the Central Station area.