Travel back in time – a look at the old rural Romanian life 走进旧时的罗马尼亚乡村生活

What comes to your mind first when you hear of Romania? Maybe the old story of Dracula/Transylvania? (I wrote about Dracula’s birth place – Sighisoara the other day.) Maybe the “thieving gypsies come from Romania” saying in some European countries.

For me, I always imagine Romania as a highly folklore country, featuring the elaborately decorated vests and the embroidery characterized shirts. Maybe that sort of traditional customs can be found in other Slovak countries as well. Having seen most European countries, I’d say Romanian folklore culture is one of the best kept, especially in Transylvania, where many ladies still wear traditional clothes and unique headwears.

I like those countries where you can learn and see its culture directly from the street because its culture is alive. For example, some other countries like Bolivia, Indian, Japan, etc.

提到罗马尼亚,你首先会想到什么?可能是神秘的Transylvania特兰西瓦尼亚地区和吸血鬼德古拉伯爵的传说故事 (之前我写过德古拉伯爵的故乡 – 锡吉索拉)?或者你可能听说过罗马尼亚有很多流浪为生的罗姆(吉普赛)人?



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Parisian hidden gem of Magic and Wonder – Tour to 1900’s Mysterious Fairground 时光机带我去19世纪的嘉年华会

Today I take you, my dear Steemit friends to a magical fairground art museum in Paris. Weather you like museums or not, I believe you will enjoy this one.

Musée des Arts Forains (fairground art museum) is a private museum located in an old wine warehouse, Les Pavillons de Bercy. It all started when Jean Paul Favand, an actor and antique dealer, began collecting objects from fairgrounds and the entertainment world. For 40 years now, Jean Paul has been gathering and restoring his curiosities. All those objects boast undeniable aesthetic and cultural qualities, with the luxurious carvings and woodwork. The museum is only open upon reservation at some specific time of the week, beside being a museum, the venue can also be rent for special events.

Have you seen the Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris? You might remember there was a special scene with the bike carousel. The scene was shot in this museum. I will take you for a ride in the bike carousel too. Let’s go.

今天我要带Steemit的朋友去一个有魔力的地方 – 位于巴黎的嘉年华博物馆。虽然它叫做博物馆,但是人人可以参与其中,而非隔着玻璃窗看展品。所以不管你喜不喜欢博物馆,相信你都会爱上这里,只要有一颗童心。

这是一家私人博物馆,位于巴黎十四区的Bercy地区,曾是旧时的一个红酒仓库。法国演员,古董收藏家 Favand先生是一个古老嘉年华会的狂热爱好者。他收藏这些古董级的蜡像和旋转木马已有40余年。后来他建成了这个博物馆,把这些私人收藏完好的连接成一个个故事,展现在不同的展厅了,让这些属于一两个世纪前的精致艺术品,在今天继续向世人展现曾经的故事和意义。由于是私人博物馆,来这里参观必须要预约,也不是每天都开放。除了博物馆,这里也为有兴趣的人开放场馆租赁,以举办鸡尾酒会之类,想必价格不菲。


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大多都是当地人来这里买点日常必需品,我只发现了很少的卖手工串珠的摊位。批量生产的纪念品产业还没有发展开来。即使是这样,市集还是吸引了一些游客(包括我)。我还发现一个有意思的女士,买了一整套传统服饰,现场穿了开始摆拍,看得周围的印第安人都乐了。她倒是也挺神,我都没找到有卖这类衣服的,居然被她都找到了。 Continue reading 哥伦比亚的原住民传统市集

Indigenous Market In Silvia, Colombia


Silvia is an Andean town in Cauca Department, Colombia. Every Tuesday, an Indigenous market of the Guambiana community takes place in Silvia. The town is not far from Popayán, I went there for a day trip when I visited Popayán.

It was mainly the indigenous Guambiano Indians living in the nearby areas who host and come to the market. I love their traditional clothes. They all wore hiking shoes, blue capes, long swing skirts and a lovely wool felt hat. In the market, mainly the agricultural product and meat was sold, plus some clothes and shoes. There are also a small area of food stalls where you can get lunch and snacks.

The market was not really touristy. I did found some handmade beaded bracelets to buy, but not such a tourism industry there selling mass souvenirs. Still, it attracts some tourists, including myself, I even saw a lady who bought the whole set of Guambiano traditional clothes and was super happy posing with them on.

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