Méert – High Tea Time!

Happy CNY! No big meal but why not treat yourself with nice pastries? It’s holiday time! High tea time.

Let me be a lifestyle blogger for one day! Have to find something “instagrammable”!

Méert is one of those lovely teahouses in Brussels that I always want to visit. Walked pass it a couple of times but it was always full, probably I always went at weekend, today I gave it another try and got empty seat, finally!

Méert is located inside Galerie du roi, next to the famous Galerie de Saint Hubert.

Looks cute from outside too!

You can buy their tea, chocolate, and other cakes.

Looks like it has a long history, since 1761!

Which one should I choose?

Inside there’s a cosy little tearoom.

Both cake and tea was great! Everything is so cute in this teahouse.

Check it out when you come to Brussels!

Checking out chocolate bar – CHCO Chocolate Company

Was catching up with an old friend. There just opened a new chocolate bar in town. It is always packed when, so we thought it must be good. And it is indeed awesome!

Who doesn’t like chocolate? And it’s probably one of the best things about living in Belgium ^^

Speak English, Kiss French?

Choose your favourite hot chocolate, I don’t drink milk so I pass this.

Those tablet also look great right?

Chocolate or tea?

Those sirups are extremely popular here. I see many bars/cafés have those.


I love cakes but they make me feel soo guilty. I was thinking about starting a sugar free life this year but I failed …again. So sad.

Since I don’t drink milk, I got a smoothie with chocolate and fruits, better.

Guilty calorie. Need to move out of Europe maybe to start a sugar free life.

But it was so good! Haha!

Have a good day!


Sunset dinner in Yamoussoukro

I want to share some photos today at a small openair restaurant in Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire.

The restaurant is called Restaurant Chez Georges, Yamoussoukro, not far from the main street.


The most/only typical food besides grilled fish and chicken in Côte d’Ivoire. Was eating this the whole time and now I kinda miss it! The sauce is called Gombo (correct me of I’m wrong), it tastes so great and spicy, so you can eat it every day.

Sunset in Africa always looks great!

Korean food in Abidjan

After eating chicken and fish (either grilled or in the foufou) for weeks, I finally thought it’s enough.

Abidjan is an international city (West African standard ^^), some say it’s the little Paris in Africa, which I’m not sure if I would agree, but you can find Chinese, Japanese and Korean food here.

The restaurant is called Arirang and it has a large range of Korean dishes. Ordered hoedeopbap (sadhimi rice bowl) and BBQ beef.

Tasty! If you ever come to Abidjan, give it a try.

The owner lady is Korean and she speaks a little bit of Chinese, probably there are more Chinese living in Côte d’Ivoire I believe.

Happy 2019, everyone!