「Throwback Thursday 」Overnight desert trip report in Varzaneh, Iran

Today I decided to write down a overnight trip I did in Varzaneh, a desert town 105 km southeast of Isfahan. In a country where more than half of the ground is either desert or semi-desert, you can for sure easily find any desert easily.

Being a rather lazy backpacker, I didn’t look for a desert with the most beautifully shaped dunes, but found a relatively approachable one near Isfahan, where I was staying for a couple of nights. Iran is a country quite easy to travel to, even when you are travelling by yourself. In Facebook there’s this group called “See You in Iran”, where many travellers and independent guides and guesthouse owners gather. You could easily find a homestay or guesthouse in places like Varzaneh.

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「Iran Throwback 」Hafez, the Persian poet

I stayed with Hossein’s family in Shiraz, thanks to @liflorence. Li met Hossein and made friends with him and the whole family. The family is so friendly and welcoming. Hossein and friends told me a lot about Iranian culture, we had the amazing Iranian dish dizi. I was so fascinated to see how well his sister could dance Zumba and how his friends are atheists and anarchists in a country where “most of the fun things that younger generation like to do (such as dancing, party, etc) are illegal”.

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An example of Persian gardens in Shiraz – Affif Abad garden

They say Shiraz is a city of poetry and “the garden of Iran”. You can find many persian gardens in the city, the famous one being Eram garden, which literally means the garden of paradise. Eram garden is famous for its variety of trees (the largest collection of the whole Middle East). But today I’m going to show you another one called Afif-Abad Garden.

This oldest garden in Shiraz is built during Pahlavi period. The garden and house in the middle used to be owned by the Ghavami family and to be used as a palace and recreational place back in time. Affif-Abad garden is a typical example of Persian garden. Continue reading An example of Persian gardens in Shiraz – Affif Abad garden

*Bling bling* overload – mirror mosaics in Ali Ibn Hamzeh shrine

In Iran you find mosaics basically everywhere. The ones that fascinate me the most were those glittering mirrored mosaics. When I visited Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine, they told me that I couldn’t enter the mirror pray room. Then they recommended me to the oldest shrine (for the relative of 8th Imam) in Shiraz. Continue reading *Bling bling* overload – mirror mosaics in Ali Ibn Hamzeh shrine