Some pictures from Yeon Deung Hoe (Lotus Lantern Festival)

Lotus lantern festival is an ancient Korean folk festival that has thousands years history.

The festival is to celebrte the birth of Buddha. Although Korea isn’t really a Busshist country, Lotus Lantern Festival is rather huge of its kind and celebrated by everyone in the coubtry.

There was a parade in one fo Seoul’s main streets and both locals and visitors came experience the festival. I’ve selected a few pictures taken there to share.

On Wednesdays we wear Pink!

It’s just a pink post for Wednesday. ^^ Steem/Satoshi is extremely low at the moment, I think we need some positive vibes. Let’s wear bright colors. On Wednesdays we wear pink!

In Seoul it’s so easy to spot full pink colored shops. Got my t-shirt from one of the many clothing shops in Hongdae hahaha, I <3 Peko 😉

Feel free to share your pink Wednesday on Steem!


Lately Seoul opened the first Blue Bottle Café, and people queue to get their blue bottles. I also went but thought queue was too crazy.

everyone wants blue bottle

nothing really much to do in this neighbourhood, just walked aroun a bit then, found this ubderstand avenue after a while

It’s a colorful street with container shaped shops and cafes.

Some nice shops, slightly overpriced tho

There’s also a park nearby, with a sign showing distances to other major cities. I was more excited about such signs a few years back when I started travelling.


I feel a bit overloaded with Korean pop culture these few days, so today I decided to visit Insa art center. Seoul is such a great city that you find all kinds of stuff.

I knew this district via an instagram post by a friend who visited Seoul recently. I remember she posted a couple of cool traditional Korean paintings. Although compared to its traditional culture, Korea is better known by its kpop and fast fashion worldwide these days, I still find its traditional culture fasinating.

Well, actually Insa art center is more of a collection of temporary exhibitions and each only lasts a few days normally, so the painting post I saw from that instagram post was no longer there, still, found a few interesting collection.

Came here for the more traditional Korea art but these cute fish didn’t disappoint me either.