Korean sauna jjimjilbang experience

Seems jjimjilbang (literally heated house) is a thing in Korea. I don’t like sauna much, just wanted to take a look, as people say you can do everything there: massage, sauna, eat, sleep, bath, better ones even have hair salon, etc.

I didn’t look hard for the best one in town, I just went for a nearby one, it was in Hongdae, university area, so also quite affordable, I can’t remember exactly how much, but it was really cheap considering you can sleep there and do all kinds of stuff, although I didn’t stay that long there.


So you get a armband which you can charge some money for drinks and essential stuff such as mask, tooth brush etc.

Different saunas with different temperatures, too bad I’m not such a big fan of sauna, I can stay inside for a while though.

After sauna it’s getting late, I noticed they put some matrases out, prepare for those who might come stay the night. It’s the major nightlife area in Seoul, I wonder if they get a lot of customers at night, didn’t see many that day I visited.

You get water for free and can buy some drinks and snacks, such as eggs and ramen.

After sauna, there is shower and bath area, with different baths, I liked the herbal bath, so relaxed after all these. In the shower area there is a place you do exfoliation, some ladies can give you body scrub, which was nice but I didn’t take pictures, because it was weird if I took photos there.

One thing I like about Korean sauna was people seem to be comfortable seeing each other naked inside the bath area (of course the same sex). Because I’m a forgetable person, that day I forgot to get my towel before going to the shower and had to come fetch it in the locker, nobody looked at you a second time.

Later I went to Taiwan hot spring town, change clothes in the locker room, I had some ladies telling me I can’t be naked there, lol, I can never understand when you are already in the locker room, then where else can you hide yourself just to change clothes. Culture difference is sometimes huge.

Fascinating 창덕궁 Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul

Went to visit Changdeokgung Palace when I was in Seoul. It was a really pretty palace although I’ve seen some other similar palace in Japan and China.

Missed the secret garden because it was closed, I guess otherwise the garden should be beautiful especially in spring time. I heard a lot of good things about the garden, too bad didn’t see it.

Still the architecture of the palace itself is worth a visit, plus the weather was just great that day, here are some photos I took.

Some pictures from Yeon Deung Hoe (Lotus Lantern Festival)

Lotus lantern festival is an ancient Korean folk festival that has thousands years history.

The festival is to celebrte the birth of Buddha. Although Korea isn’t really a Busshist country, Lotus Lantern Festival is rather huge of its kind and celebrated by everyone in the coubtry.

There was a parade in one fo Seoul’s main streets and both locals and visitors came experience the festival. I’ve selected a few pictures taken there to share.

On Wednesdays we wear Pink!

It’s just a pink post for Wednesday. ^^ Steem/Satoshi is extremely low at the moment, I think we need some positive vibes. Let’s wear bright colors. On Wednesdays we wear pink!

In Seoul it’s so easy to spot full pink colored shops. Got my t-shirt from one of the many clothing shops in Hongdae hahaha, I <3 Peko 😉

Feel free to share your pink Wednesday on Steem!