#SadSunday – Share Sad Music – Take Me Somewhere Nice


#SadSunday tag is created by @flipstar. “Sad music makes me happy.”

I love sad music, sad music heals me. Maybe that’s why I’m specially into post-rock, a rather emotional genre, mostly instrumental, without vocal. Sometimes can be depressing but powerful. It doesn’t make me feel depressed, but in contrast, it makes me happier somehow. I can feel a soft touch of my soul every time I listen to post-rock (yes, I listen to them very often, maybe every day).

Raw emotions, raw energy, I hope you like the track and can feel it too. One of the most famous songs in post-rock I think, Mogwai is also one of the most known post-rock bands probably. I like the song, or if there’s no vocal, can be even better, but the vocal of the song doesn’t disturb luckily. I have an extensive compilation of post-rock songs to share, thanks to #sadsunday, I’m gonna share them out in the coming weeks!

Feel free to join #sadsunday and share your favorite sad songs, no matter which genre it belongs to!

一个Steem上面的老朋友 @flipstar最近创建了一个标签叫 #sadsunday,提议大家一起来推荐伤感的音乐。我觉得很有意思,不知道你们喜欢什么样的音乐。



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Yesterday’s Tomorrow


Happy Chinese New Year!

I see many of Steemit friends are sharing lovely red coloured photos. I don’t have pictures to post. Here in Belgium there’s no such lunar new year atmosphere. Feels like just a random day to me, which is totally OK, because even when I was living in China, we also don’t celebrate much nowadays, except shops are closed.

Maybe some of my fellow Chinese are celebrating new year somewhere in the city, but I was too lazy or too anti-social to figure out where there might be a gathering.

Anyways, lunar new year also means the beginning of spring. Although it’s still cold and rainy here, but I believe spring is just around the corner. New Hope!

Above is an album I’m listening to, good music, good vibes, relaxed and chill. ^^

Happy New Year!!


Mongolia dream trip

Over time I’ve kinda lost my interest in travelling, although I’m still making some trips but they don’t seem that exciting any more, either because I become older or I find most places not so interesting any more.

Yet Mongolia is somewhere I still dream to visit one day, especially after watching the music video of the song above called “Melos”. I don’t listen to that much J-pop these days, but still find most of Wednesday Campanella’s music clips so cool, her songs feel more like the songtrack for her clips.

I feel so touched by this clip, because I feel excited again about my potential future travels.

Last year I visited Central Asia for the first time, Kyrgyzstan is still not like Mongolia I guess, you only see yurts during the summer time and not really in the cities. But even just a glance of Central Asia shepherd life, I feel so fascinated. Mongolia should be even more amazing with those dotted yurts and there are much fewer cities.

So what’s my dream Mongolia trip would be like? I’d firstly buy a horse in one of those animal market, ut might cost somewhere 500€, then I ride it all around the country, sleep in the tent or crash in a local yurt. I don’t care about how long the trip will last, just ride horse every day. In the end of my trip, I sell my horse in one of those animal market. Trip done.

Time to learn to ride a horse then, or maybe it’s better I learn it directly in Mongolia?

Hope one day I can make this trip!!!!

Happy Sunday!

New York – Addis – London


I think I heard one of the songs somewhere, finally found this album!

It makes me want to go to Ethiopia, drink the Ethiopian coffee and listening to Ethiopian jazz. (Although some friends told me travelling in Ethiopia these days isn’t that appealing, too much hassels, they say.)

But this music <3 <3 <3

Enjoy and Steem on!