Eels @ Pukkelpop 2019

Here are some pictures I took from Eels’ concert last weekend in Pukkelpop. (Pukkelpop is not only for the pop bands haha probably you know)

I saw Eels already a couple of times before. Last year they were playing in Rock Werchter.

Compared to last year, I was standing much farther away, because Eels played right after some other band in another stage, but still good to be able to get in the stage. Like later they closed the door when it got full. I can’t get clearer photos because of this.

Eels played pretty much the same playlist like last year in Werchter.

Good as always.

Do you also like them? What kinds of bands do you like, fellow Steemians?

Rain rain rain (#pkp19 teaser)

I don’t know if you can see in the pictures, but it’s been raining hard and a bit cold.

But it was so much fun, I love Pukkelpop now!

Pukkel means pimple, I believe a lot of festival goers are teenagers, of course not all of them, met some guy who said who’s been there for 35 consecutive years. It’s always nice to meet such people, you can never be too old for festivals ^^


one of the biggest electronic stages

Betreden op eigen risico.

= Enter at your own risk.

– – –

(more pictures to come!)


Green = My favroite color = My energy

Yesterday I went to this small festival near a small forest in Heverlee, where my university campus used to be. So many memories of this place, haven’t been there for a while, maybe ever since I left uni.

In the summer, they set up some stages and people picnic for the afternoon and evening.

I’ve said summer is the best thing in Europe, you don’t have to go to all these paid festivals but also many free events like this to go, full of happy people and good vibes.

I might not ever work things out
I might live my whole life not knowing how
I’ve survived up until now
And it’s all been worth it

Just enjoy life i guess

Korean underground R&B

Do you like Korean music?

I’m not talking about K-POP, don’t get me wrong, I follow quite a few Korean KPOP idols on instagram, I think they can dance well and have great taste in fashion. But when I talk about Korean music I like, I mainly mean its city-pop and underground R&B, etc, especially their underground R&B, I can listen to it day and night. Such chill vibes, blowing my mind away.

Playlist above was great, if you are new to krnb. Probably names like Offonoff and Yeseo are quite well known already. Recently I’m addicted to Bevy Maco. Offonoff’s vocalist released his own album Love part 1, not bad at all.

I hope you like Krnb too, have a good day!