Sharing some songs I’ve discovered recently

Hey Steemians, which music are you listening to today?

The other day I received some stickers from Pukkelpop,

Although summer festival season is still far away, (Weather has been insanely bad lately, I’m so looking forward to the summer days.) it’s better to look for something new to listen, so I don’t have to listen to the same songs again and again. Do you also feel that we stop finding new music when reaching certain age? Probably because by then we already know enough bands/singers that we can listen to again and again.

I started to feel this way but I still hope to discover something new, that’s why I’m still going to festivals and listen to some new albums (although it’s quite difficult to catch up) whenever I have time.

Here are some new and old own song/albums I’m heavily rotating these days:

Jess “Biig Piig” Smyth is a 22-year-old Irish born songwriter, I’m addicted to this EP, so smooth. Hope to see her at festivals this summer.
{ you are here } is a great instrumental jazz album, above is the song I’m addicted to.
{ you are here } documentary if you are interested
citypop or chillpop
Went for Tom Misch, stayed for Yussef Dayes’s drumming…. great collaboration.