The West African church specially for kids

Hey, have you ever seen churches specially for kids? In C么te d’Ivoire I saw a few. Apparently it’s common there, kids learn (mostly) how to dance in the church, so that later they can dance in the church.

I always think churches in Africa are much more interesting than those in Europe. Those in Europe seem a bit doring, all the mass seems so serious to me, maybe because I don’t have religion. But those in Africa are so festive, people dress up in colors and dance along the mass. It feels more like a party.

Church is simple, made of bamboo.

This girl wants to be in the picture with me. I felt so glad whenever people want to take pictures with me in Africa. ^^

Now I understand why most Africans can dance so well, they learn it from the church since young.

So that later they can dance like this, awesome, isn’t it?

Why don’t we all do that all over the world!

Have a good weekend!