6 years in Belgium

The other day I just realised that I’ve been living in Belgium for 6 years. What a long time it has been!

It doesn’t feel so long though, I still remember the day I arrived in Belgium, it seems like yesterday, I remember how I took a train from the airport to Leuven, the university town, also the city I’ve been living for so long. 

I remember someone gave me a hand to lift my suitcase on the train, it was so heavy, I don’t understand why I pack too many stuff in that suitcase, because after a few days, it got stolen in the hostel anyway. 

It was the first time I came to Europe, I had never been to Europe before. Everything seemed so interesting to me. After getting my student room sorted, I figured there’re still a couple of weeks before school starts, so I went travelling around, which was mostly great, except in the end of the trip I broke my shoulder while cycling somewhere in Switzerland. 

I even missed my flight back to Belgium and had to crush a night in Geneva airport, missing flight isn’t much fun, especially with a broken shoulder.

What a crazy start of my journey in Europe! haha…

It really feels like yesterday, but it’s been 6 years! 

I finished my degree, did thousands of Dutch and French classes, now when I look back, I doubt if I just probably wanted to find some excuses not to start a day job or something. Probably, but I don’t really know myself that well. 

I never thought I would stay so long in Europe. Just like anywhere else, the longer you stay, the less interesting the place becomes. Nowadays every time I travel outside Europe, I’m so excited. Then what am I doing here? But again, if not that I decided to stay here, maybe I would never have found out Steem, crypto, etc. 

Just some random thoughts, nothing important.

Ramen and Japanese designed Belgium beer

As you’ve probably already know, I love Japan and Japanese everything 😀 especially food. But it’s not so easily to find much Japanese food other than sushi, bento box or ramen in Belgium. Not so many choice here. Even for ramen, there aren’t many good ones. The one in Zacentem called Nanaban is great, probably because Toyota company is based in that village and Japanese employees go there for lunch and dinner. 

The village is between where I live and Brussels, so sometimes I drop by for lunch or dinner too. It’s not that easy though since they only open something like 2 hours for meal time haha. 

Sencha 😀

Oh, and this beer company called Rio Brewing & Co. is interesting. At first glance, I would think, another Japanese beer that I’ve never tried. In fact, after looking it carefully, I figured out these beers are designed by Japanese beer designer and brewed at breweries in Belgium.

They taste very Belgian 😀 You can find these beautiful designed bottles in some Japanese restaurants in Belgium and there is also this RIO BREWING & CO. BISTRO & GARDEN in Tokyo midtown, looking great! Next time in Tokyo, I’m going to check it out. 


Got my flight ticket to Krakow!

Just got my flight tickets to Krakow. Compared to Steemians in North America and somewhere else, Krakow is like next door to me. Ryanair made it possible for me to go during this bear market, flight tickets were pretty cheap, not bad. 

Here is the overview of the trip on Tripit, a good app for travel, if you don’t know it yet. I normally make notes of hotels, directions, things to do, flights, everything on the app, it tracks all my past trips too.

That’s it, I still haven’t booked anything else though. Since I’ll go there alone, I might stay in one of those airbnbs in the centre of Krakow, there should be plenty of them in Nov, not a high tourism season anyway.

Also I haven’t purchased the ticket yet. I just noticed the contests are so competitive… Probably I’ll keep an eye on the crypto price and make the purchase at the right time. Last year, I bought the ticket quite last minute, but it seems not possible this year, so I have to put the deadline on my reminder lol.

And hey, let me know if you are also going!





Choosing a cake for friend’s birthday

Today is the birthday of a friend’s, went to a popular patisserie in town for a cake 😀

Cheecake for tasting, hmmmm, I think I like the Japanese sponge cheese cake better than this one, too creamy for me :p

Here are a lot of different cakes. What’s your favourite cake?

They also sell some organic ciders, like nowadays a lot of bakery and patisseries do.

OK, guess which cake I got?