Berliner Weisse and some other refreshing German beer

The heatwave in Europe becomes unbearable lately, soon next Tuesday it will hit 35 degrees Celsius. Scary! And, the mobile aircos in all shops are already sold out. While thinking what I can do and where I can go to escape the heat. I just collected some beer pictures from my trip in Berlin. Hopefully they can make you feel refreshed too, if you are in Europe 😀

Berliner Weisse

I was fascinated by the neon color of this Berliner Weisse, the green one is with herbal woodruff taste and the red one, raspberry. When I read about the origin of these Berliner Weisse, I discover originally these beers are made to resemble the Belgium sour ales, like kriek. Although I have to say, the Belgian similarities taste a bit better in my opinion 😛 The green one is still special, for its color and unique taste.

If you ever visit Berlin, give it a try, many bars offer it.


Eschenbräu is a bar and beer garden in Wedding (yea, nice name I know) district in Berlin. They have its own house brewery next to the beer garden. They make all different kind of beer, the one I ordered was great. It tastes a bit similar to the Belgian’s Best Duvel Citra triple hop (not that strong though), fruity and fresh. My favourite beer garden in town!

Address: Triftstr. 67, 13353 Berlin


More tasty German and Berlin beers: Gosser and Schofferhofer. I tried these three together with Steem Team Berlin @future24 @lex030 @datristan and @kathybell. It was great fun!

I hope you survive the heatwave, cheers!


现在先分享几张德国啤酒图解解暑。德国啤酒全世界有名(偷偷说一句:其实我觉得我们比利时啤酒更好喝)。在柏林我也尝了不少有意思的啤酒。首先必须一提的是Berliner Weisse,尤其是绿色的,绿色的是不是很晃眼,颜色有意思,味道也有意思,是一种草的味道。红色比较常见,是树莓味。据说这种啤酒最初是模仿比利时的酸味啤酒,所以味道有点像比利时的樱桃酒的意思。