Sunday flea market in Berlin – RAW Flohmarkt


I always get this feeling that Berlin is a place for flea market and vintage/second hand shopping. During my short stay in Berlin, I went for a visit in one of the most popular Sunday flea market in town, the RAW Flohmarkt, a former railway repair factory turned into a trendy marketplace. 

When I saw RAW market, I remembered this place directly with graffiti all around. Even though last time when I was in town was already more than 5 years ago and it was in the winter, I still remember my couchsurfing host took me here back then but not on Sunday, so it was much quieter. 

You can still see the old railway track here.

Want some orange juice?

Handmade engraved coins.

A block away from RAW, there’s another marketplace in the square.




The market itself isn’t that big, there are around 30 stalls by the time I was there, if you go a bit earlier, you should be able to see more. But the place is much more than a few stalls selling second-hand stuff. There’s a lot to do. There are a few beer gardens where you can enjoy a couple bottle beer in the shade.


You can go wall climbing as well. The area is famous for its nightlife scene, but during the day there’s a beach bar with party (entrance fee around 8 euro). If you come to Berlin in the summer, you can enjoy partying any time. It’s also a great place to spot some nice murals.




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