Impressions of Stone Town, Zanzibar (in 28 photos)

I’ve made a few posts about Stone Town, the old town of Zanzibar city. Here are more pictures of it.

Grilled corns.

I didn’t stay in the old town, but near a market close to the main road of Zanzibar city. You see grilled corns in the market.


Stone town old town, the road to the harbour.

Freddie Mercury has a house in Stone Town, he was born here.

Main road of Zanzibar city.

Busy market.



These are how hotels look like in Stone Town.

Snacks weren’t bad and they were super spicy!

Bus station, just outside Zanzibar old town.

What locals eat for breakfast, actually all different stuff, even grilled fish. I got a milk tea and some cake and potatos.

Sunset food market. Grilled fish wasn’t bad.

You can get a better sunset picture in the African House in Stone Town.

Those amazing colors are just worth getting up so early for

I’m not an early person, almost never wake up early. Except for catching early flights, the last time I got up so early was still 2-3 years ago in Santorini, when a friend of mine wanted to see sunrise so we got up early and drove to Kamari beach and I remember that day was cloudy and the sunrise wasn’t the best  

This time, before coming to Zanzibar, I’ve heard the sunset on the island is great, but I simply didn’t make it either (Jambiani isn’t the best place for sunset). My guesthouse host Maulid and his friends told me Jambiani beach is a great spot for Sunrise though, and Vinila house is just nearby, so I set my alarm that day at 5:30 am, so early!

The sandy powdery beach looks so amazing before sunrise!

It wasn’t that clear but the colors were simply wonderful!

There was nobody on the beach and I took those photos by setting camera timer. ^^

What’s the most beautiful sunrise/sunset you’ve seen in your life so far?

Masala Iced Tea morning at Mamamapambo boutique hotel

It was a slightly cloudy day in Jambiani.

November isn’t really rainy season but sometimes you can encounter heavy rainfall in Zanzibar around this time, especially in Stone Town area. Here in the East coast weather is much better, during my stay I barely felt a drop.

Jambiani is a great place just to chill, there’s many nice beach bars and hotels. I didn’t do much in Jambiani, except for exploring different beach bars.

The decoration from outside already caught my eyes.



Morning views

Traditional games, the one who get all the stones from the opponent wins the game.

I’ve tried this game a few times, really great to kill some time, it can last forever and no one will win.

Have you ever played it before?


I miss masala iced tea now.


The Blocktrades Contest | Zanzibar village life in 22 photos

This is Joy’s entry to the Blocktrades scholarship. Lately I’ve been busy travelling around, but otherwise I’m quite active on Steem, I post and curate every day. I check dtube videos and Steemhunt posts quite often ^^ Being a former Steemhunt influence and current ddaily family member, plus of course part of CN community helps me make a lot of friends on Steem, engaging with them is fun.


Here is the link to previous post I chose:

Zanzibar is a famous holiday place, its crystal beaches, dotted with many hotels, yet it’s interesting to take a look at the village life in Jambiani, a small fishing town well mixed with locals and tourists.