Those amazing colors are just worth getting up so early for

I’m not an early person, almost never wake up early. Except for catching early flights, the last time I got up so early was still 2-3 years ago in Santorini, when a friend of mine wanted to see sunrise so we got up early and drove to Kamari beach and I remember that day was cloudy and the sunrise wasn’t the best  

This time, before coming to Zanzibar, I’ve heard the sunset on the island is great, but I simply didn’t make it either (Jambiani isn’t the best place for sunset). My guesthouse host Maulid and his friends told me Jambiani beach is a great spot for Sunrise though, and Vinila house is just nearby, so I set my alarm that day at 5:30 am, so early!

The sandy powdery beach looks so amazing before sunrise!

It wasn’t that clear but the colors were simply wonderful!

There was nobody on the beach and I took those photos by setting camera timer. ^^

What’s the most beautiful sunrise/sunset you’ve seen in your life so far?