Morning masala iced tea at Mamamapambo Boutique hotel


It was a slightly cloudy day. November isn’t the hottest and sunniest month in Zanzibar, sometimes short showers are expected around this time.

Here on the coast the weather is much nicer than Zanzibar city. I’ve come across several rains per day during my stay in Zanzibar city but in the East Coast, only slightly cloudy day like this, and barely even short showers.

The decoration of this bar and hotel caught my eyes, so I decided to go for a drink and take a look how it looks like inside.

The restaurant downstairs.

Common space

African traditional game, who get all the stones from the opponent wins the game. I tried once and the game never seemed to end even after 2 hours, haha.

The views.

I love how green it is!

Masala iced tea was tasty!

I wish I could have this kind of morning with this view every day!