2020 TRON/STEEM/JUSTIN SUN battle vlog series wrap-up, we moved to Hive!

Being locked down the past week and not able to travel is very boring, luckily I can still vlog for fun. Here the past month I’ve made a YT vlog series about TRON/STEEM/JUSTIN SUN battle since the day Justin Sun (Tron) announced his steemi purchase, well I didn’t know the whole thing could develop so quickly, I’m glad I made all these vlogs all the way, documenting the development and my thoughts:

Justin Sun acquisition announcement, community was on Steem (not a magic thanks to JS. but after many months testing by the community already)
thoughts on SF222
Binance Huobi participated on witness votes and chain governance. Justin and Roy witness townhall
“Fuck Justin or like Justin” post thoughts
halfway STEEM/TRON drama summary, exchanges powering down.
Why exchanges agrees Justin to power up at the first place
stalemate days thoughts
Hive chain announcement
Big day! Hive is live!
Hive trading on bittrex!

HIVE is live!

my STEEM/TRON vlog series wrapped up.