along the dusty road from Naryn to Köl Suu lake

Köl Suu lake is located 12 km from the Chinese border. Even though I’m a Chinese national, I still need a border permit to visit the area. My local Kyrgyz driver later told me that even for Kyrgyz nationals a permit is needed (don’t know why). Anyways, to get it you can arrange it with the only a few tour companies, CBT or Kubat tours, in Naryn or some other tour companies in Bishkek. The border permit costs around 1800 som (~€20) with Kubat, you can have it arranged in advance or show up in CBT office and get it after 3 hours.

I found the driver through Kubat. Unless you ride your own horse, motorbike or SUV, it is difficult to get to the lake on your own because the road is unpaved and many parts are quite difficult.


driver asking the shepherd guy if we could stay in his place








去吉中边境Köl Suu湖途中的美丽风景

Köl Suu湖位于吉尔吉斯斯坦和中国边境区域,在中亚很多的边境区域要求边境通行证。在Naryn有两家旅行社可以帮忙做边境通行证或者也可以在Bishkek的旅行社解决通行证。当我问到司机为什么我是中国人还需要通行证呢?他笑笑说,即使我们吉尔吉斯斯坦人都需要。

办通行证通常需要提前几天,但是如果你通过CBT办,几小时就可任意拿到,但是我还是选了,价钱更好一点的Kubat Tour。从Naryn到湖边需要五个多小时的行驶,而且途中的路非常难走。