YSL’s blue Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, Morocco

 Jardin Majorelle, a beautiful garden with an impressive shade of blue. The garden is a bit outside the busy center of Marrakech. It’s like a oasis in the pink city of Marrakech. Here you can see so many different colors, all of high saturation. Especially this delightful shade of blue, which makes me feel tranquil immediately. Designer YSL bought this garden and after he passed away it is now open to public. They said this kind blue is YSL blue, I love the color even though I’m not that familiar with YSL’s fashion.

Trip to Claude Monet’s Home and Gardens in Giverny

Today I went on a day trip to Claude Monet’s House and Gardens in Giverny. I’ve heard about Monet’s story of Giverny before and I always wanted to visit it one day. Monet noticed Giverny while looking out of a train window. Later he rented a house at the area. In 1890 he gathered enough money to buy the house and created the magnificent gardens he wanted to paint. I’ve seen many of his paintings he painted in the garden before, which made me want to visit Giverny one day. Claude Monet is not only a genius impressionist painter, but also a very talented gardener. His garden in Giverny is all gardeners’ dream. The gardens were filled with beautiful flowers. Some I had never seen before.

Parisian hidden gem of Magic and Wonder – Tour to 1900’s Mysterious Fairground

Weather you like museums or not, I believe you will enjoy this one.

Musée des Arts Forains (fairground art museum) is a private museum located in an old wine warehouse, Les Pavillons de Bercy. It all started when Jean Paul Favand, an actor and antique dealer, began collecting objects from fairgrounds and the entertainment world. For 40 years now, Jean Paul has been gathering and restoring his curiosities. All those objects boast undeniable aesthetic and cultural qualities, with the luxurious carvings and woodwork. The museum is only open upon reservation at some specific time of the week, beside being a museum, the venue can also be rent for special events.

Have you seen the Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris? You might remember there was a special scene with the bike carousel. The scene was shot in this museum. I will take you for a ride in the bike carousel too. Let’s go.